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Ginger Pollack


34 Scarborough St, Hartford, Connecticut 6105

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    Kelly Dunlap
    A horrible dentist with bed side manners to cheat on her husband. Two visits in and all she talk about is her marriage. I found out somehow she gave my boyfriend her number. I did not believe it at first. Within hours she had text him about meeting at some crappy motel. Again it did not say her name but sent pictures and not her face but had some hair extensions.I could see she sent close ups and I will leave it there. She writes she likes black men and if brought the condoms and drugs he could do what ever he wanted. I do not know what he said before this. I have left him since then and she save me from dealing with a felon.I guess that turn her own. This is not even counting the bad job on my teeth. To be honest my not much to look at but I met him threw friends and yes I am white. It was never the reason.I guess she likes myths. She also used fake phone number but the pictures and I could tell it was her do to hair and she even repeated how unhappy she was. This happen 5 months ago and she was late also. I did not know who to turn to. He was not worth fighting over. Her words and pictures show lack of any class and knew little about my ex. As stated my ex. I left much out since she was disgusting in her language. I would never see her again and already was not since it was to be one visit that turn into 2 and had made another appt. She is a vile dentist and to know she was in my mouth. I do not know what drugs she wanted. I really thought a crude joke by my ex. They did meet and I hope she knows he has photo`s and put them up. High heels and nothing more. A adult selling herself. Yes I was in a bad place when I found out. A doctor and a felon and I was aware of his prior crimes. If she knew maybe it would of shock her. It was very mess up and had no idea who to turn to. I wrote because I heard rumors from word of mouth the guys where lining up. I cannot confirm this. Pictures are share. She is unaware of pictures of her face and much more. I was angry and in pain. I never thought I could feel ever worst.How do you report this.
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SIC code: 8021
NAICS number: 621210
Count employees: 1 - 4
Sales volumes: $100,000 - $500,000
Contact: Ginger Pollack

Ginger M Pollack Dmd is located in Hartford, state Connecticut. Zip code is 6105. We provide services not only in Hartford. You can clarify details by phone 8609657810. You can visit our website and check opening hours, payment methods, etc. Join to our social media pages: facebook, Linkedin, twitter. Our specialty: Healthcare, Offices and clinics of dentists, Be sure we do best to help you. If you have an personal experience with us please write a review. If you are the practice manager or owner and wish to update this listing then please click the button "send changes" and you will be redirected to your management dashboard to amend the required details.

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